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We engineer & build

luxurious disruptive data driven responsible economical

beauty routines.

Drop Fragrance Tester©

High-Fidelity fragrance testing in-store.

When you buy a fragrance in-store, testing is essential to discover the finesse of its creation. The reality is that testing in-store is often a confusing process, where the magic of the brand can be lost along the way. 

It is our mission to solve this & offer High-Fidelity fragrance testing in-store.  That is why we have created the Drop Fragrance Tester©.


Drop Fragrance Tester©

Contactless & clean

fragrance testing.

The Drop fragrance tester© delicately dispenses a drop of fragrance on your wrist, a paper blotter or any kind of branded item.

Each fragrance drop is exactly as the bottled fragrance formula, all the time. You can switch between brands instantly with no risk of cross-contamination.

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Designed with awesome features.

Discover that what makes the Drop Fragrance Tester© the ultimate testing experience in-store.

Conceptual idea of retail data analysis

Data to understand consumer behaviour in real-time.

What When Where How do consumers test in-store?

Everything happens on the shopfloor. This is where visitors are transformed into customers. Imagine knowing what brand they test, when, where and how frequent? All in real-time

The Drop fragrance tester© gathers all this data in real-time. With the right Data, sales conversions become more efficient, investments become more effective and the right brands become more visible.

The shopfloor becomes an additional data stream for market research and consumer insights.

Drop Fragrance Tester©

The intuitive ergonomic modular simple maintenance free responsible cost saving data-driven universal

details of a true fragrance experience.

N° of Fragrance Drop testers produced in 2023
Contactless. The Drop® delicately dispenses a drop of fragrance on your wrist, a paper blotter or any kind of branded item.
The Drop is a device that can connect to any existing fragrance bottle. Ensuring 100% compatibility and ultimate simplicity for any desired fragrance to be tested. The Drop is cost saving. Each tester bottle lasts up to 5 times more compared to a classical « spray use ».
Intelligent. A camera and algorythm anonymously captures brand-testing data in real time enhancing merchandising, shelve and advertising ROI.
A pivotable dispensing arm to customize for any in-store setup. The Drop fits in shelves, on countertops, gondolas and even behind glorifyers. The Drop is fully customizable with brand identity.
The drop is portable and operates either on dual rechargeable batteries (powerbanks) for easy power management. The drop can also be plugged in the mains power system.
High-Fidelity. Each fragrance drop dispensed is exactly as the bottled fragrance formula, for a true olfactive result. You can switch between brands instantly with no risk of cross-contamination.
Testing & Sampling. You can fill a 2ml sampling bottle automatically. No inventory management, associated costs and waste . A full sampling availability for any reference, big or small. A clean and taylored consumer experience.

Drop SkinTester©

And what about testing Skincare & Makeup in-store?

Experimenting the right skincare texture, testing its formula, or choosing the right color of your Makeup; there are numerous opportunities to build high quality shopping experiences. 

We have solutions and products to enhance the shopping experience of beauty products.

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Our expertise

We engineer & build disruptive products, from idea to in-store.

Creativity & Ideation

Together with our clients, we create new beauty rituals through our proprietary creative process.

Combining Technologies

Our breakthrough technologies are like bricks, they can be assembled together to create disruptive products. We are capable of rapid protoyping.

Protoyping & Industrialization

We and our partners, manage and control all aspects of our supply chain to produce products to the highest quality standards and deliver them worldwide.

Our history

2012 Founding of Êverie

Êverie is located in Valence, in the south of France. The company was created in 2012 by Laurent Foucher (CTO) and Wim Meulenkamp (CEO).

2013 Development of our Piezo Technology

After a 2 year R&D program, the Piezo nebulization technology came to life. Partnerships with leading flavor and fragrance houses were built.

2015 The launch of our first product

After 3 years in development, our first product was launched. Styled on the Nespresso concept, “le Parfumeur by Êverie”, a home fragrance diffuser with pure fragrance capsules, was distributed in department stores such as Harrods, Bloomingdales, etc..

2016 Fuel for growth

After the successful launch and to fuel further development, we raised a significant investment when we partnered with the most emblematic beauty and luxury brand worldwide.

2018 A deepening technology portfolio

After continuous R&D investment, new technologies saw the light of day. In the spirit of complementarity and modularity we matured technologies in dosing, nebulization, global data architecture and machine learning algorithms.

2020 Focus on 'Beauty Tech'

In the fast paced Beauty market, premium ‘A’ brands have many ‘Beauty Tech’ opportunities to unlock further growth. Based on our experience and notoriety more and more multinationals partner with us in bringing their innovations to life.

2022 Development of the Drop Fragrance Tester

In partnership with COTY, the DROP fragrance tester product was Ideated, Prototyped, Tested and Manufactured on a massive scale. All executed by Êverie, this turn-key product was annouced for a global roll out. For more information see the press release

Company Milestones

A comprehensive portfolio of innovations, ready to enhance beauty brands.

We have a portfolio of tested, proven and IP protected technologies that enable Beauty brands to capitalize on many trends in the Beauty market. 

Our Piezo Atomization technology.

An elegant & simple way to nebulize fragrances and cosmetics.

The system is made from a stainless steel needle through which the perfume passes. A bubble of liquid formes on the tip of the bevel edged needle.

A resonator, with a piezo-electric component, is welded on the needle and when we apply an electric current it starts to vibrate 200.000 times per second.

The needle starts to vibrate in waves like a piano string, the tip is moving up and down (acceleration 1 million G’s) and the bubble is exploding in micro droplets.

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Pure fragrance diffusion.

We diffuse fragrances in their pure state without the need of solvents, surfactants or other additives.

No gas, heating or any other artificial way is used when nebulizing fragrances.

Our technology can diffuse a very wide range of viscosities. This is opening up a larger range of olfactive qualities due to the absence of solvent impact on the perfume quality.

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Digital fragrance nebulization

This sophisticated and patented nebulization technology delicately transforms the perfume oils in a dry, cold mist without using chemical additives, gases or combustion.

A microprocessor quietly rhythms the flow of the perfumed waves so as to send them smoothly through any room.

A fragrance diffusion that is accurate to the millisecond. Controlled by a microprocessor, this “haute” technology gives a high fidelity experience that is always true to the creation of the master perfumers.

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